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AnySharp X-Blade Safer Multi Angle Knife Sharpener, Gift Box, Gun Metal



- sharpens or hones any straight steel blades
- suctions securely to any flat surface
- self-adjusts   from 12.5° to 22.5° angles
- sharpens kitchen knives, hardened steel knives, cleavers, axes and more! 
- award winning design looks great & lasts a lifetime


The AnySharp X-Blade automatically self-adjusts for angle and pressure of the knife, making it unlike any knife sharpener, sharpening steel or sharpening stone you’ve ever used. 


No installation, drilling or screws
The AnySharp X-Blade’s unique safety feature is its PowerGrip suction cup base, which attaches securely to any smooth surface or worktop without the need for any tools.

Hands free safety
Once it’s attached you can sharpen any knife safely hands free!

Powerful, but simple and easy to apply and remove
The PowerGrip suction applies over 20kg of holding power (a lot of suction!). However, we have designed the suction clamp to require very little force, and it can be activated with a single finger. For removal, there is a small tab that can be lifted, releasing residual suction easily.


Be Sharp, Stay Safe. It takes just seconds...
Tungsten Carbide sharpening tools are extremely hard, harder than any steel. The tools self-adjust for angle and pressure to hone and sharpen any steel knife from 12.5° to 22.5°, including standard European steel knives, hardened steel blades and even professional Japanese chef’s knives.

Do remember, very little pressure is needed with AnySharp, and to wipe the knife before use.

Grinding Effect
As you draw your knife through the X-Blade, the sharpening tools will move up and down with varying pressure. As you draw your knife back, the sharpening action is similar to the fine grinding effect of a whetstone or sharpening stone.

Everyone's an Expert
AnySharp X-Blade adjusts for pressure and the different angles of different knives. It can be used just as effectively whether you are right or left-handed. It takes just seconds, and is totally hands free for safety.

You don't need to be an expert.
You don't even have to know how to sharpen a knife!


AnySharp X-Blade helps reduce waste and save money. With an AnySharp, knives last a lot, lot longer. 


Sturdy Construction
AnySharp X-Blade has a heavy, durable metal alloy construction that will last for many years.

Knives are Rejuvenated
Sharpening your knives is extremely simple with AnySharp X-Blade. Whilst it should last for years, it can pay for itself in just days. Old, dull knives are rejuvenated, and slice as if they were new, so your expensive knives last a lot longer.

Satisfaction Assured
AnySharp has been the nation's favourite knife sharpener brand since 2008. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. AnySharp X-Blade comes with a performance guarantee for the (10 years) operational lifetime of the product. AnySharp is the best knife sharpener brand you will ever use.