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Your AnySharp guarantee covers domestic use only. (Normal ‘domestic use’ is considered to be 3 knife sharpenings per week). Products failing due to any manufacturing defect will be replaced within the guarantee period. 
Replacements and shipping will be free of charge. 

Please note this guarantee does not cover misuse, commercial use or general wear and tear. 
In all cases, we reserve the right to inspect and verify any flaw or fault. If we cannot determine the fault by photos, we may require the product to be returned to us. 

AnySharp‘ products carry a standard 2 year guarantee from date of purchase. 
AnySharp Pro‘ and 'X-Blade' have a standard 10 years guarantee from date of purchase. 

The date of purchase must be visible on the Proof of Purchase document 

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Before contacting us for a Warranty Claim, please read the Warranty Terms and procedure so we can process your claims more efficiently.