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Reusable, Sustainable & Carbon Neutral

AnySharp are committed to a 100% Carbon Neutral strategy and a meaningful contribution to the reduction of avoidable waste.

We achieve this with a 3 point strategy

· Design Design products people love to use
· Reduce Minimize our carbon footprint
· Offset  Support initiatives to offset the footprint



Design products people love to use.

We make products that help prevent waste, and encourage reuse as opposed to replace. The more people use them, the better for everyone.

We believe if we design products that are easy, simple, effective, reliable and durable, people will use them with pleasure and abundance. 


Minimize the Carbon Footprint.

We seek out ways to minimize our carbon footprint. We do this by finding the optimal materials, then innovating so as to reduce the usage and waste of materials, packaging & energy.


Supporting causes globally.

Carbon Neutrality means that the carbon footprint of our company, our products, services & events has been calculated on the basis of internationally recognized standards and fully offset by supporting certified carbon offset projects. Offsetting CO2 emissions is an important step in effective climate action, alongside avoidance and reduction. All Ion8 bottles offset carbon all the way from production to the end of its life, including eventual disposal of the bottle.

Climate Partner & Ion8

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