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BBC Good Food 2017

“… a smart invention. The smallest sharpener we tried, it takes up barely any kitchen space, and the lever secures the suction base incredibly firmly – so much so, you can sharpen one-handed. It feels safe, intuitive to use and after three pulls our blunt knife was very sharp.”

Expert Reviews 2017

“…it will sharpen as well as is needed and give an excellent cutting edge that will rip through anything…”

Country Life Feb 2016

“…the most incredible pair of scissors, which makes opening and cutting anything just wonderful. These would change the life of anybody who suffers from such afflictions.”
Jilly Cooper, International Best Selling Author

Mini Chopper

The new AnySharp Mini Chopper is the easy way to chop and prepare ingredients in seconds. Simply place the mini chopper over the thing you want to chop and then press it down a few times. Simple, easy & clean! Find out more...

5-in-1 Smart Scissors

Smart 'Cut Anything' Scissors are multi-function scissors for general purpose use in the home, kitchen, office or workshop. The hardened, curved blades blades are razor-sharp and perform brilliantly where other scissors just won't cut it. Smart Scissors sharp,...

Smart Box Grater

The new 3-in-1 Smart Box Grater from AnySharp is perfect for those little jobs around the kitchen. It can peel, grate and shred, and due to its clever design your hands are kept away from the sharp parts during use. It is also easy to clean and easy to store. Find out...

New Website Launch

We are very proud to show off our new website. We hope you like it 🙂 It contains lots of info about all our new products The World's Best Knife Sharpener The most versatile scissors you will ever have A Multi tool sharpener you can take anywhere An incredibly useful...