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AnySharp Safer Hands-Free Knife Sharpener, Evo, Silver



- SAFE, HANDS FREE, VERSATILE: The AnySharp Evo knife sharpener sharpens any kitchen knife safely hands-free. It sharpens hardened steel knives, and even serrated knives (bread knives, hunting knives).
- NEW & IMPROVED: We made the suction even stronger, added a collection tray for collecting metal filings, and moved the tools closer to the front, so you can even sharpen the part of the knife right next to the handle.
- DESIGNER STYLE: Requires no installation or tools, just suction it to any smooth surface. With a beautiful new design, the Evo looks great on your worktop, or fits conveniently in the drawer.
- DURABLE, LASTS FOR YEARS: Evo is designed to last for years, and pay for itself many times over. Its comes with a 2 year warranty, and the sharpening tools are replaceable, to extend its life further.
- SAFE, CARING: All AnySharp knife sharpeners are safe for use by adults, even if you have never sharpened before. Everyone's an expert with AnySharp, and it takes just seconds. AnySharp is committed to being totally carbon neutral. Don’t bin it, AnySharp it.


Save your old knives, make cutting easy again. 
Whether you’re slicing meat, dicing vegetables, or carving the Sunday Roast, a sharp blade makes cutting effortless. AnySharp Knife Sharpener restores a super sharp cutting edge to blunt knife blades that have dulled with use.

Works with all your knives – even serrated blades! 
The unique, patent pending AnySharp Evo Knife Sharpener uses tungsten carbide technology to extend the life of almost any knife. AnySharp works on virtually any steel knife, including expensive hardened steel knives and even serrated blades (like bread knives and hunting knives), hands free, making it unlike any knife sharpener, sharpening steel or sharpening stone you’ve ever used.

No installation, drilling or screws
The AnySharp’s unique safety feature is its PowerGrip suction cup base, which attaches securely to any smooth surface or worktop without the need for any tools.

Less chance of accidents!
With a totally blunt knife, AnySharp will hone it to a perfect angle, and remove excess metal rapidly the first time you use it. Once sharp, better results are gained by using only light pressure, and only microscopic amounts of metal are shed.


Even stronger suction technology
With new and improved technology the AnySharp Evo suction is even stronger, and with a central suction lever can be used left or right handed.

Collection tray for metal filings
The Evo is designed for safety with a collection tray to collect any metal shed whilst sharpening, that can be removed and disposed of easily.

Sharpens from point to the handle
The Evo is designed with the sharpening tools closer to the front, allowing you to sharpen your knife from the point all the way to the handle.

Knife Edge Safety
When your whole knife has been run through, your knife edge may touch as it exits the sharpening tools. The AnySharp has a long-lasting polymer guiding top that is softer than metal, and therefore won’t damage the metal edge, making it safe for your knives too.


Anyone can get great results!
The optimum angle to sharpen a good quality steel knife is 20 degrees. AnySharp is pre-set at 20 degrees to give a perfect edge every time. Getting a consistent angle with a sharpening stone is a skilled job, but AnySharp allows anyone to get professional results without any training at all. Once you have fixed the AnySharp to a work surface, you can sharpen knives easily and safely using just one hand. All you need to do is just gently draw the blade through the tungsten carbide sharpening edges, 3 or 4 times to restore a super sharp cutting edge.

Do remember, very little pressure is needed with AnySharp, and to wipe the knife before use.

Left or right handed
As the suction lever is central and the unit is symmetrical, AnySharp works perfectly, whether you are left or right handed.


All AnySharp knife sharpeners are safe for use by adults, even if you have never sharpened before. Everyone's an expert with AnySharp, and it takes just seconds. AnySharp is committed to being totally carbon neutral and helping reduce waste and save money. With an AnySharp, knives last a lot, lot longer. 


AnySharp comes with a performance guarantee for the operational lifetime of the product (2 years). The lifetime warranty covers every part of the sharpener, except the replaceable sharpening tools. AnySharp is the best knife sharpener you will ever use. Guaranteed. 

Replacement sharpening tools are available to extend the life of your sharpener.


With a beautiful new design the Evo looks great on your worktop, or can be easily tidied away into a kitchen drawer, cupboard, or tool box when not needed. You could even PowerGrip it to your fridge or tiled kitchen wall, out of the way yet handy when you need it.