How to Sharpen a Knife

Get the best results from your AnySharp Pro

Clean surface. Should be like glass or tiles (glossy, not textured)

Place sharpener on surface (with logo facing away from you)

Press lever down. Verify secure suction

Position blade so handle is close to sharpening tools

Sharpen. Be Gentle!
Draw knife with gentle strokes 3-4 times towards you. Follow arrow on top. Repeat if required. 

Draw knife towards you, do not push forwards!

The AnySharp knife sharpener is well suited for straight blade knives and wide toothed serrated blades. For very fine toothed serrated knives, please consult the knife manufacturer.

· Metal filings may remain on knife after sharpening. Always wipe your blade before use.
· AnySharp can sharpen many materials, even a piece of plastic.  Keep it out of reach of children!
· Use light pressure only
· Do not push forwards

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