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How do I make a Warranty Claim?

Details of your Warranty

  • All AnySharp products have a standard product lifetime warranty of 2 years.
  • AnySharp Pro has a product lifetime warranty of 10 years.
  • The warranty covers normal domestic use, not heavy commercial use.
  • We consider 3 knife sharpenings a week normal domestic use.
  • Proof of purchase is required to make a claim.

If you think your product is defective and are eligible under these terms, simply fill out the form here, or go directly to

We’ll take care of you!

How is the AnySharp Pro different from the cheaper AnySharp Global?

Where AnySharp Global is ABS plastic, and AnySharp Pro is a heavier metal alloy.

Pro also comes with a 10 year lifetime warranty, Global has a 2 year product warranty.

Pro comes in packaging suitable for gifting, in 9 colours, whilst the Global comes in a simple blister pack.

Both deliver the same sharpening results, but the Pro has a longer product lifespan.


What is the purpose of the patented suction cup?

The PowerGrip suction cup holds the sharpener instead of your hand. Sharpen hands-free, safely away from the blade.

What angle is AnySharp set to?

20° on each side
The AnySharp is preset at 20°, which is the optimum angle for good quality European and American steel knives.

Can I sharpen hardened, titanium or carbon steel knives?

Our tools are much harder than these materials, and will sharpen them easily

Can I sharpen ALL serrated blades?

AnySharp works only on wide toothed serrated blades. It does not work on fine toothed serrated knives. So, serrated bread knives are OK but many steak knives are not.

Can I sharpen ceramic knives?

AnySharp knife sharpeners are not designed for ceramic knives and should not be used, as it will damage your knife. For sharpening ceramic knives, please refer to your knife manufacturer.

Can I sharpen Japanese knives? How about swords?

Maybe, but not always
AnySharp is not designed for very high end knives. It can work, but many knives are set to between 15° and 18°, and are better sharpened by a specialist.

What else can I sharpen?

If you can get it in there, you will sharpen it!
AnySharp will work with any other blade with a V shape, as long as it fits. It can even sharpen an axe!

Do I need to apply pressure?

No. Be gentle!
AnySharp requires light strokes to sharpen. However, when a blade needs to be honed rapidly, pressure can be effective, followed by light strokes.

Can it sharpen single bevel tools like scissors?

AnySharp Pro and Global are not designed for single-bevel blades. If you want to sharpen these tools, please consider AnySharp Plus or AnySharp MultiSharp

Where can I suction it?

Smooth, shiny surfaces.
For example glass, shiny smooth tiles, fridges. It will not suction to porous or textured surfaces like wood or rough stone.

Can left-handed people use it?

AnySharp works perfectly for both left handed and right handed people. The PowerGrip suction cup is also a huge benefit for people who have difficulty in one of their hands, or have only one hand.

How long will it stay sharp?

As good as new.
The knife will stay sharp as long as it did when it was new.

Can it sharpen a totally blunt knife?

Start with heavier strokes initially to reshape your blade, then finish with light strokes.

Can I buy replacement tools?

Not yet. But soon!
Your blades should last years with normal use. If you use it a LOT, your tools may need replacing. These will become available shortly.

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